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The ATOS ENT.NIG.LTD. LTD is a dynamic company that pushes beyond the boundaries of traveling, news and information. If you have a message to send to the travel industry we are the gateway to deliver that message. We can reach your audience, through all mediums - be it print, digital, interactive or online. Our considerable resources ensure worldwide contact across Africa and around the world to those who will value it and profit from it. You know us because we have been the main source of information in the travel trade for over 12 years, a longevity unheard of in an industry that is ever changing. Our flagship publication is Nigerian Travel Press and its sister publication is Atos Travel Courier. Other Atos publications include the Personnel Guide to Worldwide's Travel Industry, the African Tourism Resource Guide, daily news for the Nigerian Tourism Commission’s online African Tourism Exchange (ATX), advertising representation for weekly Travel Sections in the Metro daily newspaper in all Nigerian cities including Akure, Ibadan, Abuja, and Lagos, as well as a host of special feature publications and directories designed specifically for African's travel trade and Worldwide consumers (


Address: flat 23 riverhope mansion SE18 5SS

Phone: 447453348410